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ROSVITA™ - our Vision

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a collection of open source software frameworks for robot software development. ROSVITA is ROS compatible and also uses some components of the ROS Ecoystem. ROSVITA - combining ROS and the latin word "vita" for life - is our vision for an in-browser robot programming IDE which allows to program complex sensor feedback driven robot behavior. We want users to be able to interact in real-time with their robots to get direct visual feedback, interact with the scene to issue orders, test different approaches, make quick adjustments, etc.

Use the source editor to quickly test and modify on a small scale, for example different object picking strategies, then incorporate the results that are successful into your larger scripts.

While our first stage in terms of user interaction is the classic windowed approach (screen + mouse/pointer), our eventual goal is to create a full 3D VR experience. Recent advancements both in technology and availability of consumer-grade VR have opened up a lot of possibilities. Let's take advantage of that.

Use Cases

Here are just a couple of the scenarios and fields of research we have in mind while designing Rosvita (and our egomo sensor head):

Interface Design Concepts

Please note these design concepts are a work in progress and do not reflect a finished product. We welcome any constructive feedback - feel free to send us an email or tweet with your ideas!