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Xamla is an internal Start-Up of PROVISIO GmbH, Germany, focusing on adaptive robotics using AI processes. Our goal is to ring in the era of intelligent industrial Robots.

We teach robots to see, feel, and understand the composition of a scene, and enable the programming of intelligent robot behavior.

For example: Everybody knows that the work of mounting components on a motherboard – which is still done by hand today – will be handled by a robot in the future. At the robotics challenge of Siemens in Fall 2016 we proved within a time frame of 8 weeks that we are able to develop a robotic solution for this problem!


The robotic system defined by us can be used for a wide array of tasks. Users have access to an ever evolving and expanding library of applications - no costly and time-consuming individual programming necessary. We aim to raise the bar with our upcoming robot programming software ROSVITA™.

Hardware Kit Icon
Hardware Kit Icon

Adaptive sensor head

With its stereo cameras and RGB-D sensors our sensor head „egomo“ scans the robot's surroundings and creates a 3D model of the real world inside the computer. Objects and obstacles are tracked in real-time. Tasks can be solved situational without the need for the objects that are to be manipulated to be at a specific fixed position.

Hardware Kit

Xamla applications are offered for standardized systems. In its first iteration the egomo sensor head was developed specifically to work with a Universal Robots UR5 in combination with a Robotiq 2-finger-85 gripper, and optionally the Robotiq FT-300 force-torque sensor.

Hardware Kit Icon
Hardware Kit Icon


Xamla in Münster (Westf.), Germany is looking for

Javascript Frontend UI Developer in the Robotics field (German-speaking)

Entwickle bei uns mit an der Browseroberfläche einer größeren Web-Anwendung, mit der sich eine Vielzahl von Aufgabenstellungen aus dem Bereich Computer Vision & Machine Learning vollständig im Browser abbilden und lösen lassen.

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